Earth, Moon, and Sky

What do we see in the world around us?

Hello Families!

Get ready to explore, read, and play! Children learn all the time, and your involvement is crucial. Here you will find the tools you need to support your little learner at home. Here we grow!

Let's Celebrate!

In the coming weeks, children will prepare a treasure hunt and learn about Earth and space through books, songs, and models. You will be invited to participate as we celebrate Earth, space, and a year of learning.

Family Letters

Hello Families! Learn what we are talking about each week, and discover some simple activities you can do at home. Literacy is everyday practices, not just something that happens in school.

Volunteer Notes

You can help! In the coming weeks, be on the look-out for volunteer requests, or contact your teacher to learn how you can participate.

Celebration Notes

Your little ones achieve new milestones each day. Notice if they sort objects in a meaningful way, choose a book on their own, or follow directions. Celebrate little leaps with a hug and "You did it!"

Theme 9: Earth, Moon, and Sky

What is the ground made of? Why is the sky blue? Where does the moon go during the day? Your little learners have many questions about the world around them! This month, we learn about our corner of the universe as we prepare to blast off to kindergarten.

Try This!

Your commitment is the key to your little learner's success. Ready to unlock a bright future? Do these daily activities and routines at home!

Letter Hunt

Point out the letter Y on signs or products in a grocery store.

Asking Questions

Make a happy face or a sad face and ask others to make these faces, too. Describe how it feels to make such faces and how they are the same and different.


Look for books about the sky, such as Clouds by Anne Rockwell.


Use pennies or other objects to count up to 30.

Asking Questions

Ask: How do day and night form a pattern? How do spring, summer, fall, and winter form a pattern?

Letter Hunt

Look at picture books and hunt for the letter X in the titles and in authors' and illustrators' names.


Have family members and friends vote for their favorite color. Then use the data to make a graph.

Making a List

Think of a name for each letter of the alphabet, starting with your own names.

Digital Bookshelf

Reading to your child every day is both life-changing and easy! Access Unite for Literacy for short theme-related books, with audio available in a variety of languages.

Play Javi's Whirly World

Buckle Up! Take a ride with Javi the Helicopter as he introduces children to the world of letters and numbers. Learning has never been so fun! Use the Javi's Whirly World games to play and learn together.

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