Hello, School!

How do we learn and play at our school?

Hello Families!

Get ready to explore, read, and play! Children learn all the time, and your involvement is crucial. Here you will find the tools you need to support your little learner at home. Here we grow!

Let's Celebrate!

In the coming weeks, children will play games, draw, sing, and share stories as they get to know their classmates. They will become familiar with school routines and rules, explore the alphabet, and enjoy counting activities. You will be invited to join in as we celebrate school!

Family Letters

Hello, Families! Learn what we are talking about each week, and discover some simple activities you can do at home. Literacy is everyday practices, not just something that happens in school.

Volunteer Notes

You can help! In the coming weeks, be on the look-out for volunteer requests, or contact your teacher to learn how you can participate.

Celebration Notes

Every day, your little ones acquire new skills, such as putting toothpaste on their toothbrush, using a zipper, or describing what they see. Celebrate these developments with a fist bump and "I'm very proud of you!"

Theme 1: Hello, School!

Children delight in learning new skills and taking part in singing, drawing, and other activities. This month, we get to know school rules and routines and discover the joy of cooperating with classmates while we learn and play.

Try This!

Your commitment is the key to your little learner's success. Ready to unlock a bright future? Do these daily activities and routines at home!


Count fingers on one hand and then the other. Count the toes on each foot.

Letter Hunt

Write down the names of family members and friends and find the A's in their names.

Asking Questions

Can you tell me about something that made you happy at school today?


Look for books about counting, such as One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root.

Picture Hunt

Think of foods that start with the letters M and S. Find pictures of them in magazines or books.

Same and Different

Point to two objects. Ask: Which one is longer? Which one is shorter?

Tell About It

Provide several objects that have different textures. Ask: How does this feel? Which objects are smooth/soft? Which objects are rough/hard?

Number Hunt

Point out the numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on signs, in address numbers on buildings, and in the store.

Digital Bookshelf

Reading to your child every day is both life-changing and easy! Access Unite for Literacy for short theme-related books, with audio available in a variety of languages.

Play Javi's Whirly World

Buckle Up! Take a ride with Javi the Helicopter as he introduces children to the world of letters and numbers. Learning has never been so fun! Use the Javi's Whirly World games to play and learn together.

Queen Bee's Letter Train

Skill Set Includes

Letter Recognition

Motor Skills

Flora's Number Farm

Skill Set Includes

Math Knowledge

Motor Skills

Bella's Super Sounds

Skill Set Includes

Letter Sound Knowledge

Motor Skills

Javi's Make and Takeaway Words

Skill Set Includes

Phonological Awareness

Motor Skills

Box and Purr Explore Word Planets

Skill Set Includes

Language and Vocabulary

Motor Skills

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